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Gurgaon has never been in the news for the options it offers with respect to travel and tourism. It is well known for its malls, entertainment hubs, shopping complexes and of course the plethora of sky scrappers. However, there are various places in and around Gurgaon that make for an interesting visit and are perfect for a weekend getaway or small day long trip. The great benefit of these destinations is the fact that all these attractions are in Gurgaon or are located just a few kilometers off Gurgaon.

If you are in Gurgaon, then the Capital City of India - Delhi, beckons. As you well know, Delhi has a wide array of tourist attractions on offer and all of them must be on your 'must watch' list. Also, if you are staying in Gurgaon over a period of time, you could arrange a trip to Delhi as and when it suits you, see some of the sights and sounds and go back again to see what you have missed. After all if you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of Delhi, then you can't just skim over them. You have to give each one of them their due.

If you are looking for other weekend getaways then other places could wind up on your radar like Jaipur, Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Kurukshetra, Pataudi, amongst various others.

However, if you delve deep enough you will find that there are some hidden gems around Gurgaon that are just waiting to be seen. Many of these destinations are located in the Aravali Hills, near Gurgaon. Destinations like the Dum Duma Lake, Sultanpur Lake and Bird Sanctuary, Sanghel etc are definitely worth a mention.

Over they years the Haryana Government has recognized the potential of Gurgaon to attract tourists as a result of the development of vibrant hospitality sector in Gurgaon. People come to Gurgaon from all parts of India and the World and along with the work; they are interested in seeing the sights and sounds of the City that they are living in. Hence, the tourist spots mentioned above are being developed and most of them offer all the facilities and amenities that are required for the making of an exciting and a comfortable holiday.

Moreover, the people living in NCR have also begun recognizing the uniqueness of these attractions and one can see large crowds of people making their way to these places on weekends or in the holiday season. Also, taking cue from the contemporary development of Gurgaon, there are also various unique entertainment hubs that are opening shop on a regular basis. These are also emerging as holiday spots.

When it comes to travel and tourism then one must not forget to mention the various resorts that have come up all around Gurgaon. These resorts are the definitive word in hospitality and have been developed amidst some lovely locales. They have emerged as a very popular option when it comes to the travel and tourism scenario in Gurgaon. At the end of the day one could say that the travel and tourism sector of Gurgaon is just waking up to its infinite potential. There is no doubt that in the years to come Gurgaon will find itself on the travel and tourism map of India, with regards to popularity.

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