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Gurgaon is a commercial hub. It is this commercial facet of Gurgaon that has made it into a City that everybody is flocking towards these days. It all started with the IT and ITES companies making their home in Gurgaon and establishing huge offshore centers. Slowly but surely the infrastructural capability of Gurgaon and the various sops offered by the State Government began to work their magic. Before you knew it Gurgaon had graduated to being a corporate hub. This had a spiraling effect on the commercial property in Gurgaon.

No longer was Gurgaon a place that was an 'also ran' and a choice that was accepted when nothing else was available. Today, Gurgaon is one of the first choices of multinational corporations both Indian an International, if they want to open their office in India. Moreover, there are a large number industries flocking to Gurgaon as well as entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative market for their products and services. Gurgaon, essentially, is a complete commercial destination. Hence, the ever increasing demand for commercial property in Gurgaon!

Prices Going Through the Roof

One can imagine that with the immense demand for the commercial property in Gurgaon, the prices would have gone through the roof. So, they have and they are not likely to come down soon. However, one is assured of a good office address if a company chooses a commercial property in Gurgaon. Not only a decision to have an office in Gurgaon speaks of a professional attitude but also the fact that as a company owner you want an office address that is well-known and appreciated.

Add to that an aesthetically designed office space, with state-of-the art facilities and amenities and the price feel well worth it.

No Outright Sales

Most property developers in Gurgaon who develop commercial property offer it for leasing purposes. This lease could be for a fixed number of years as pre-determined in the agreement drawn out by the property developer and the commercial entity. One of the primary reasons for this is that businesses do not want to take the risk of saddling themselves with a property, which is inherently an immovable asset. Moreover, many of the start-ups and smaller companies in Gurgaon don't have the kind of capital required for the purchase of commercial property.

However, there are numerous exceptions as well and these are companies who know that they are going to be in Gurgaon for many years to come or for that matter companies who want to establish a permanent base in Gurgaon. Moreover, a lot of companies who have purchased commercial property in Gurgaon also see it as a sound investment, which will offer great returns in the future.

A host of property developers are coming up with more commercial property projects. There is no doubt that these are going to go the way of the earlier commercial projects, meaning that as soon as they are ready, they are going to leased out. Such is the demand for commercial property in Gurgaon.

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