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Gurgaon People

Mythological side strongly emphasizes on the fact that Gurgaon is the ancestral village of Guru Dronacharya , the guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas in the Indian Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. In Sanskrit, Guru means teacher and Gram means village that's why city well known as Gurgaon.

By and large gurgaon was dominated by Yadavs and Gujjars. But during the British rule in India, Gurgaon was merged with the Punjab Province. After India's independence, Gurgaon remained a part of Punjab although as a result of Punjab insurgency, it eventually became a part of the newly created state of Haryana. Most of the Gurgaonites are Sikhs and Hindus majorly Jats and yadavs with bit of Muslims.

During liberalisation of Indian economy in 1990's some of the big construction groups started owning farms owned by local people and started developing housing societies. One of them is DLF that later became a phenomenal real estate boon and still spreading its wings across the nation. Surrounding villages were also absorbed into Gurgaon as the city started expanding. Keeping in mind bright future aspects delhites too moving to gurgaon for better jobs and employment, to minimize traffic between delhi and gurgaon a direct Metro Line too is supposed to link Gurgaon with Delhi.

Lifestyle in Gurgaon is more influenced by western culture due to bunch of multi national companies eyeing gurgaon to establish their corporate and operational offices , BPOs , KPOs, Software parks to name a few. In terms of fun and amusement Gurgaon has lot to offer, Swanky malls and branded outlets are focussing on high-end consumers who wish to spend lavishly on world-famous fashion brands.

Pubs and discotheque of Gurgaon offer great sense of entertainment with catchy themes. From Charcoal Griiland to Odyssey there are many places to hang-in. People looking for some fancy food courts have now wide range of options from traditional Indian restaurants to other mouth-watering cuisines. MG Road famous for its fashion arena has got chain of restaurants and expensive shopping centres on the Mehrauli Gurgaon area. Lifestyle of gurgaon is becoming more a Cosmopolitan where people pertaining to different Religion, culture and creed are in sync with each other

Gurgaon's road layout throughout the city is deliberately planned so as to minimize the transport related problems of commuters, there is also smattering local buses plying on various routes thereby connecting people across the NCR of Delhi.Gurgaon boast to have its own railway station which connects Rewari on one side and Delhi Cantonment on the other. Moreover, Indira Gandhi International Airport and Domestic Airport Delhi falls in the vicinity of Gurgaon that hardly 15 kms through road route. Skyscraper corporate offices, fancy and furnished housing societies with state-of-the-art facilities define Gurgaon in flamboyant manner.

In the years to come no doubt residents of gurgaon will feel more proud and love to call them as Gurgaonites due to its rocket-pace growth and multi dimensional development.

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