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Gurgaon referred to as one of the most happening places of NCR of Delhi, is a swiftly growing metropolis, an IT hub situated in northern Indian state of Haryana.Grown expansively in recent years, emerging as a key outsourcing destination and a bag of ample opportunities for real estate market in northern India.
Mythological aspect reveals, the city Gurgaon is the ancestral village of Guru Dronacharya , the guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas in the Indian Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. In Sanskrit, Guru means teacher, which in this case refers to Dronacharya and Gram means village.

Real Estate

The real estate boom in Gurgaon didnít catch anybody by surprise! If anything most people were expecting Gurgaon to reap the benefits of its closeness to New Delhi with respect to connectivity. With the advent of the BPO revolution in Gurgaon, there was no doubt that Gurgaon was on the radar of various real estate developers. Over they years riding on waves of rapid infrastructural development Gurgaon have emerged as one of the fastest developing cities in India and a City that is known for its real estate and its increasing demand.


Gurgaon could easily be called the entertainment hub of India. The large scale development taking place in Gurgaon has also touched the entertainment sector and every other commercial building constructed today in Gurgaon has an area earmarked for entertainment.
Visitors to Gurgaon will have the benefit of choosing from a host of hotel categories.

luxury Hotels

Gurgaon is a City on the move. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India, and as such, sees many people in various capacities visiting Gurgaon, day in and day out. One of the important real estate developments that have happened in Gurgaon over the years is the rapid development of the hospitality industry. Hoteliers marked Gurgaon as the City to watch out for, when businesses started recognizing the potential of Gurgaon with respect to infrastructure, location, and connectivity to the Capital of India; Delhi.
Visitors to Gurgaon will have the benefit of choosing from a host of hotel categories.

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